How to get a lot of retweets, favorites and free likes

Seeing people retweet and favorite your tweets is both encouraging and gratifying. It also boosts someone’s ego to see your tweet get retweeted by so many people. However, not everyone gets as much attention from their tweets as celebrities do. So, what is the secret to getting the many free likes or retweets even when you are barely popular in your town?

Study shows that infographics is the key thing to getting high numbers of followers or favorites on twitter. In fact, up to 90% of the most retweeted messages on twitter have both a picture and a caption below it. Plain messages on the other hand only attract retweets if they are very funny or if they are very creatively crafted. So your goal as a twitter user should always be to engage infographics if you want to keep seeing people retweet and favorite your tweets. Besides infographics, tweeting at the right time can determine how much attention your tweets get and then determine how many people retweet and favorite your posts. As for tweeting at the right time, take an example of when you tweet a trendy message when there is a hash tag of the same, compare the number of retweets you get by tweeting at night maybe. And the importance of timing your tweets will come very clear.

Twitter Polls: Why Interaction Matters

There are many different ways that you can engage your followers on social media. From sending them messages when they comment to giving feedback when asked to addressing their concerns when one arises, there may be nothing more important than to interact with these individuals. Among these options is a new tool for interaction: Twitter Polls. These polls are more than just a way for your consumers to pass the time. Instead, it is a great way to start interacting with your consumers.

Interaction matters. Whether it is through messaging or through Twitter Polls, allowing the consumer or follower to feel like they have a say in your business and what it stands for. It also provides followers an outlet that is likely to be rewarded by making them feel a part of a business. If your page is not using these tools, then, they should consider it because it is through this interaction that a follower becomes a fan or, in business page cases, a customer. Whether topical or business-driven, these polls can start building that relationship that so many strive for and that all need in order to create the bond that is life-long rather than fleeting. Therefore, those who are interested should consider this as an option for creating the best fan experience and polls as a great way to drive the relationship between audience member and Twitter page.


Purchasing automatic twitter likes could be a thrilling experience for most twitter users and the anticipation as well as the enthusiasm is usually high. However, just as the wise men once said, a simple crack can sink the ship. It is for this reason therefore that people have to exercise great caution while undertaking this crucial experience. There being a lot of companies that are offering twitter likes packages for sale, one can get confused over which exactly could be the ideal one and at the same time the one that meets your preference demands.

Whilst most companies have outdone themselves to advertise themselves, you should not purchase a company just because of the advertisement that you saw. It is paramount that you get to pick companies that are renowned, reputable and have a track record in dealing with these credentials. In so doing, you warrant yourself of genuine packages and in so doing, you save yourself a great deal of frustration from swindlers who are just interested in your money.

Furthermore, variety is imperative. Don’t go for companies that seem to compel you purchase one premium because that’s all that is on offer. Pick companies that will give you a freedom of choice by offering premiums that will suit your needs.